Faux Pas.  French for “False Step.” A severe social blunder or a major breach in etiquette. — courtesy of Urban Dictionary

My faux pas happened due to improperly trying to leverage a personal relationship into a business opportunity.  The worst part; I knew better & STILL committed the faux pas.

How? Glad you asked.  Let’ get into it.

In the summer of 2018, I was given an opportunity to work on my startup venture at the HQ of a couple of big ballers & shot callers in the startup & venture capital (VC) space (Lucky me!!). I had the type of direct access that might cause most entrepreneurs to seriously consider ditching their morals & maybe not their firstborn, but definitely their second. The people, atmosphere, vibe were all great & I learned more in that summer that I had in the last few years on my own.  They were always willing to help, answer questions, point me toward resources, & make warm intros. I developed a great relationship with


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